What is a creative act? - Manuela Porceddu
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What is a creative act?

What is a creative act? A recurring theme for Deleuze and a mysterious question that beat at the heart of his discourse that day. Towards the end of his talk he argues that the creative act is an act of resistance that affirms the will to resist death and to defy the control which has come to characterise modern society, just as Foucault sensed it would. Deleuze explains that the artist must give shape to an idea that can be shaped through repetition, but with variations, over the course of a work or the development of a creative process. Showing difference within repetition is not merely a formal exercise. It is an essential gesture of art; life as a creation and an act of political resistance.

Text repost from: http://etac-eu.org/catalogue/en/act-creation-as-resistance-imma-merino/