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Studio Manuela Porceddu | Editorial Design And Visual Arts
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The image, the imagined and the imaginary


Studio Manuela Porceddu offers editorial design & visual arts in the context of digital and print media.


The studio is founded by Manuela Porceddu in 2003. Educated as a graphic designer, Manuela has always stretched the borders by engaging in visual arts, social arts, photography, drawing, and writing.


Tools used creating are; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, WordPress, several (digital) camera’s, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Pencil, graphic design, photography, illustration, drawing- and printing techniques and an etching press.


The studio engages both in commissioned work as well as self-initiated projects.


Clients are mostly entrepreneurs, (creative) freelancers, cultural initiatives, and companies.


The studio offers the following services;
• Graphic design
• Editorial design
• Illustrations – digital, vector based
• Special printed matter – artist’s book, posters, invitations, etc.
• Editorial for magazine, publication or website
• Organisation of cultural events
• Photography – portrait, storytelling & product


What feeds the imagination of Studio Manuela Porceddu is reading the (post)modern philosophers, and researching visual culture in our contemporary post-internet society.


The self-initiated projects vary from photo- and video works, drawings and collages, and the organisation of the cultural events The Attic 078 and 222REVIEW


For more information about Studio Manuela see the connected social media channels like LinkedIn. Feel free to drop a line and ask any question.


‘The image, the imagined and the imaginary – these are all terms which direct us to something critical and new in global cultural processes: the imagination as a social practice.’ (Appadurai 1990: 5)


Visual culture in post-internet era — personal ongoing research

There have never been so many images in circulation or available for so many people. The demand and production of images will only continue to increase.

In my research, I analyse how image, technological innovation, and current society are related to each other. I use my (empirical) results for creating new work.