Exhibition Conclusion Experimental Project Week II

During the Experimental Project Week, organised by DOLLY (Manuela Porceddu) from October 28 – November 10, 2019 artists Daniel Arthuus, Jolande Bosch, Myriam Gras, Manuela Porceddu and Jessica Scholtes investigated their artistic work proces. During the two weeks tutors, curators and peer artists have sessions together to reflect on the proces and art works.

The mentors and tutors where Bonnie Dumanwa, Rune Peitersen, Judith Spijksma, Paul van den Eerden, Jan Zobel, Saskia Meesters and Susanna Inglada.

During the project weeks, the Pictura rooms were open for the public. On November 3th, I organised artist talks in which all five artists presented themselves and explained their work.

This is the conclusion of the project weeks with a finissage on Friday evening 9 November, after which the exhibition can still be seen in the weekend of Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 November 2019.