Livestream ‘Art in Dordrecht’

For art project ‘rivier, boot, stad‘ I created four livestream events in collaboration with artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson. Schouwburg Kunstmin organised the technical realisation and locations.

Edward Clydesdale Thomson is currently working in the Biesboschhal on a major art project ‘rivier, boot, stad’, which reaches its peak in October. So a good prospect! But what is the state of the arts in Dordrecht at the moment?

To explore this, take a refreshing dive into the local art scene with Edward. Meet a number of (local) artists such as: Jelle Korevaar, Daniel Arthuus, Nico Parlevliet and Ralf Kokke. Take a look at the various art venues and creative spaces, such as Pictura, DOOR, DS17, 222Lodge and SBK Dordrecht. An inspiring evening of art, hosted by Edward Clydesdale Thomson.