Manuela Porceddu lives and works in Dordrecht (NL). She received her BA from the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam in 2003 and worked independent ever since. 
She worked for numerous clients like Rabobank, City Council Rotterdam, City Council Dordrecht, 1001 Publishers, Dordrechts Museum, Kunstmin and Monsoon. In addition, she collaborated with various artists and architects to create artworks and unique printed matter.
She likes to operate at the intersection of graphic design and visual arts to create a variety of commissioned work and work that arises from her own fascination and motivation.
Manuela is many times rewarded with grands and publicity. See complete resume for all the details.
In her personal mission to make contemporary art more visible and accepted in society she regularly organises events and artist talks in her hometown. In July of 2019 she founded DOLLY. A platform for contemporary art that translates current themes from society into projects, exhibitions and events. 
2009 – now | Studio Manuela Porceddu, Dordrecht. Visual Artist.
2009-2010 | Artist in residency in Berlin (CBK Dordrecht).
2008-2010 | Teacher at Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam.
2003-2009 | Studio Derk Reneman & Manuela Porceddu, Rotterdam. Graphic Designer & Art Director.
2001-2002 | NL.DESIGN, Amsterdam. Intern.
1999 – 2003 | Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam. BA, Graphic Design.
1993 – 1997 | Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.
2019 | Grand, Dordrecht municipality
2018 | Grand, Dordrecht municipality
2016 | Grand, Dordrecht municipality
2009 | Grand Residence Berlin, Centre For Arts (CBK) Dordrecht
2007 | Grand, Centre For Arts (CBK) Dordrecht
2006 | Grand, Centre For Arts (CBK) Dordrecht
2006 | Grand, BKVB, Amsterdam
2019 | Group expo, 'Deur In Mijn Hoofd', Laagstraat 50, Tilburg
2019 | Group expo, Experimental Project weeks, Platform Dolly/Pictura, Dordrecht
2019 | Participant, Experimental Project weeks, Platform Dolly/Pictura, Dordrecht

2018 | Group expo, Grote Pictura Portretten Galerij, Pictura, Dordrecht
2017 | Group expo, Grafische Werkplaats, Den Haag
2017 | Group expo, De Plint, Dordrecht
2017 | Open Studio, Dordrecht
2017 | Group expo, ‘The Denial as the Leading Principle’, Cinema The Movies
2016 | Open Studio, Dordrecht
2014 | Open Studio, Dordrecht
2014 | Opening, ‘ReelandRoots’,Dordrecht
2011 | Group expo, Tapetenwechsel, CBK Dordrecht
2010 | Event/Opening, Voor/Heen Nwe Binnenweg: Underground, Rotterdam
2010 | Event/Opening, Voor/Heen Nwe Binnenweg: Remix, presentatie eigen werk / mede-organisator, Rotterdam, 9 sep
2010 | Event/Opening, Voor/Heen Nwe Binnenweg: Erfgoed, presentatie eigen werk / mede-organisator, Rotterdam, 22 apr
2010 | Expo, Archiving The Catalog, Flutgraben e.V, Berlin
2009 | Group expo, Symphony In White, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam
2008 | Presentation/Interview, Aan het werk 5, CBK Dordrecht
2008 | Expo, ‘Ode aan de Binnenweg’, Rotterdam
2008 | Group expo, Aan het werk 5, CBK Dordrecht
2008 | Group expo, Project(O)r, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam
2007 | Presentation/lecture, Zefir7, Theater Zeebelt, Den Haag
2007 | Open Studio, CBK Dordrecht
2007 | Expo/Event/Workshop, ‘Crime Scene’, Urban Explorers Festival, Dordrecht
2007 | Presentation/Interview, ‘De Avond Van’, CBK Dordrecht
2006 | Publication, IDEA Magazine NO. 316: The Conditions of Graphic Design
2006 | Expo/Event, ‘Haagse Jazz Moord’, Galerie Baracca, Den Haag
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